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We are a team of skilled and experienced professionals who specialize in assembling flatpack furniture for residential and commercial clients.

We understand how daunting it can be to assemble furniture on your own, especially when you have limited time and expertise. That's why we offer a wide range of flatpack furniture assembly services to suit your needs.

Our services include:

Residential furniture assembly: Whether you've bought a new bed, wardrobe, or desk, our team can assemble your furniture quickly and efficiently. We will carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that your furniture is assembled correctly and safely.


Commercial furniture assembly: We also provide flatpack furniture assembly services for commercial clients, such as offices, hotels, and restaurants. Our team can assemble everything from desks and chairs to shelves and cabinets, ensuring that your workplace is functional and aesthetically pleasing.


IKEA furniture assembly: We specialize in assembling IKEA furniture, which is known for its affordability and simplicity. Our team has extensive experience with IKEA furniture and can assemble it quickly and correctly.


Disassembly and reassembly: If you're moving to a new home or office and need to disassemble your furniture, our team can help. We will carefully disassemble your furniture, transport it to your new location, and reassemble it to ensure that everything is in working order.


Custom furniture assembly: If you have a unique piece of furniture that requires assembly, our team can help. We will work with you to understand your needs and assemble your furniture to your exact specifications.


At Team Home Repair, we are committed to providing high-quality flatpack furniture assembly services at competitive prices.

Our team is reliable, efficient, and dedicated to ensuring that our clients are satisfied with our work.

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