Kitchen Repairs come in many forms.

Overtime kitchens can become shabby and well used with all the cooking and food preparation that happens in the course of a busy day.

Here at Team Home Repair we specialize in putting your kitchen back together again.


new doors kitchen

modern and comfortable kitchen


Here's a list of repairs we can do in your kitchen.

Rehang Kitchen Doors, Doors can become loose over time with all the opening and closing and sometimes  just need tightening up.

Replace kitchen doors with new and  latest colours.

Do You Have Any Of the Following In Your Kitchen?

  • Misaligned Doors
  • Replace Broken Drawers
  • Drawers Sticking
  • Faulty Hinges
  • Broken Door Latches Replace  Damaged Door Knobs

We Fix or Replace all of the above.

Replace your kitchen worktops with new worktops, you don't have to replace the whole kitchen just replacing the old worktops can make a Hugh difference and can make the whole kitchen look brand spanking new!

So if your on the look out to have your kitchen looking brand new again give us a shout by ringing the number below Today!

Where Can I Find A Kitchen Repair Company in Dublin.

Look after many years dealing with customers we understand what our clients need and want, especially when it comes to that special family place the where everybody meets for meals and discussion and plan the day ahead.

The kitchen area is one of the most coziest spots in the house and it's important to try and keep it clean and hygienic as all our food is stored, cooked and prepared in this room.

Worktops and doors can get dirty and scraped overtime and sometimes they need some renovation. Either new doors and worktops can make a huge difference to how the kitchen feels and looks and its important to have that nice clean look and feel when we spend so much time in it.

It's also great when we have friends and family around for that special Sunday meal that we can be proud and content to cook and enjoy those special family moments.

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