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We know how to hang your TV on the wall and pick the best wall bracket for your Flat Screen TV. Whether it be 32 inch right up to 80 inches we understand the correct way of doing things..

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Mount Flatscreen TV


Flatscreen TV Wall Mount Specialists can put your TV on the wall. It Is not that easy and the first thing we must know is what type of wall the TV is going to be hung from.

If we have a brick/solid wall than we need different types of bolts and fasteners.  In general these are the best types of walls to have as you get a much better wall mounting and it's usually very secure.

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The other type of wall we usually get today is a plasterboard or drywall.

On this type of wall usually we try to find a stud in the wall that we can get a good hold on for the wall mount.

Again we need different fixings for these walls but don't worry!!

We have everything you need to Mount  your Flatscreen TV safely and securely.

We fit all Flatscreen TV's including all these models listed below.

Samsung, L&G, Sony, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, JVC and many more top brands.

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